The Vineyard

We Strive To Produce The Best Wines

It is the mission of Black Ridge Vineyards to produce limited production, award-winning, 100% estate grown wines. We intentionally planted vines in excess of our production needs to ensure a sufficient varietal mix to meet our blending requirements without ever having to purchase grapes offsite.  

Varietal Diversity 

We divide our vineyards into upper and lower sections. The upper vineyard consists of 13.5 acres of vines and the lower vineyard consists of 8.2 acres of vines. Our vines also consist of multiple clones for most of our featured varietals. We have a Geneva clone of Viognier; a Robert Young clone of Chardonnay; clones Pommard 4, Pommard 5, 115, 777 and 667 of Pinot Noir; clones Lafite, Mt. Eden, 04 and 337 of Cabernet Sauvignon; clones 5, 214, 312 and 332 of Cabernet Franc; clones 3 and 181 of Merlot; clone 02 of Petit Verdot; and clone 04 of Malbec.