News and Events

Hello Patrons and Wine Club Members,

We are currently weathering the storms that 2017 has to offer us. The mountain and roads up here have been facing an onslaught of issues; however, for the vineyard, rains have come in winter when there are no fruits on the vines, which is ideal. The effects of an onslaught of winter rain are hard to predict for this year's wine crops as of now.

During dry spells, like the drought that has plagued California, growers rely on irrigation to keep grapes happy. These heavy rains are currently reviving parched soils and we are capitalizing on it by retaining water in our property’s wells. How much water is in the soil may affect when bud break occurs and how well the vines grow in spring, but spring and summer heat could balance things out later in the growing season.

For winemakers, this is just one of dozens of climate factors that influence each vintage. Fine wine's sensitivity to the climate is intrinsic in the product's definition. As weather events get more and more extreme, growers like us are faced with new challenges on the journey from vine to glass. Each year, inclement weather presents new challenges for the vintners, but when handled correctly, these factors are the alchemy that yields a great wine.

As for our member releases and events. We are currently looking at the first wine release occurring in late March or early April. The remaining releases will occur around June, August and November with events to accompany each one. We are looking to host 2-4 wine paired dinners with various chefs this year as well. As soon as we have dates slotted on the calendar, we will send out newsletters with more information.

As always we want to thank you for your patronage. We are passionate about what we do here at Black Ridge and we love being able to share that with you. In many ways our wine club membership has become like another family. We cherish the time that we have had with all of you to date and we look forward to a bright future together.