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Black Ridge Vineyards Partners with Lexington Ridge Inn for Tasting Room Location


Tasting Room:

Sunday, March 18th

11am - 5pm

Park at Black Ridge Vineyards

(2 minute shuttle ride to tasting location)


Hello to all of our BRV members and patrons.

As you may know, Black Ridge Vineyards has partnered with The Lexington Ridge Inn for our monthly Tasting Room. With only one mile between our locations, and a great view of our vineyard from their site, this new venue is an ideal place for us to bring a unique tasting room experience to our members and patrons.

All of us at Lexington Ridge Inn and Black Ridge Vineyards are excited for our first wine tasting event of 2018 on Sunday, March 18th!

Tasting fees are $15 per person. If you are a member of our wine club, up to 2 tastings may be comped for you. We will have a selection of four wines on the tasting menu and some light snacks available, as well as non-alcoholic beverages for our non-drinkers. Panetta's will be providing a selection of complimentary passed appetizers, and if you'd like to stay with us for the afternoon, they will have a lunch option for sale as well. Live music will be provided by Santa Cruz guitar legend Jerry Shanahan and his trio. They will be playing smooth jazz to compliment your experience from 1-4pm.

Current weather forecast shows partly sunny as of now, so we are planning to use the interior of the venue as well as the wrap around covered porch, back deck and deck arbor areas. If the forecast shifts and decides to rain on us, we will utilize the interior and wraparound
covered porch.

In regards to parking, we ask that everyone park at Black Ridge Vineyards. There is a 2 minute shuttle making a continuous loop from site to site. Due to the use of the shuttle service, when you are ready to leave and have a wine club pick up or have made a wine purchase, we will have you shuttle back to the BRV, where one of our staff members will fulfill your order in the Car Barn and you can load it straight into your vehicle.

If you would like to RSVP for the event, feel free to send us an EMAIL with your name and number of guests.

We look forward to the opportunity to spend more time with our members and customers and hope that you will bring your family and friends to spend an hour, an afternoon, or even the day with us.


Black Ridge Vineyards Partners withVeterans Sportsman Alliance for Special Fundraiser


We are excited to announce that Black Ridge Vineyards is partnering with the Veterans Sportsman Alliance for a very special fundraising opportunity. For a limited time, Black Ridge Vineyards will gift 6 bottles of BRV wine, as incentive to patrons who donate $1,000 or more to this most worthy cause.

Veterans Sportsman Alliance (VSA) is a family run organization with the primary mission to get injured and disabled veterans out of the house and hospital, and into the therapeutic surroundings of nature and outdoor adventure. They have enabled our heroes who have suffered double and triple amputations to experience outdoor adventures they most likely would not be capable of doing on their own. They are there to serve our veterans and to thank these heroes by sponsoring healthful, invigorating, and rewarding outdoor adventures, sporting events, and family activities. Extending this service beyond the adventure, they are also very passionate about creating a lifelong support within the VSA Family. VSA wants to ensure that these heroes feel support through continuous communication and activities.

VSA is a network of grateful Americans, business owners, and patriotic companies committed to bettering the lives of those who have served and sacrificed for the country they love. They give back to those who have given so very much to protect our fragile freedoms. As a family run organization, they take seriously the responsibility of caring for the heroes within the VSA Family; therefore, every decision is based on what they feel is best for each individual entrusted to them by the families of these veterans. They are expanding their network of supporters and sponsor partners, thereby making it possible to open doors in all directions.

Join the VSA Family by donating access to hunting or fishing venues, guided events, event items, land, off-road vehicles for safe operations, travel expenses, or monetarily. Also, if you happen to be an employee of Cisco Systems, Apple, Google, or Northrop Grumman, each of these businesses are currently matching funds for every employee who donates time or funds to the Veterans Sportsman Alliance. Every donation changes the lives of our heroes and their families for the better.

Visit and make your contribution today. Every donation will help them provide limitless types of adventure for these Worthy Warriors.

Join us today and know you are making a difference. Veterans Sportsman Alliance and Black Ridge Vineyards are coming together to "Benefit The Most Worthy Among Us." We hope that you will join us in this incredibly worthy cause.

The Landes Family & BRV
    in conjunction with
The Johnson Family & VSA