Fred Faltersack


Partner As a young boy born and raised in the agriculturally rich Santa Clara Valley of Northern California, Fred spent many summers working to earn a few dollars picking apricots, prunes, and walnuts. Fred's family home was situated in the east foothills of San Jose amongst the orchards and during the school year, Fred's walk to school would take him on a short cut through the Mirassou Vineyards.

In later years, many of the orchards and vineyards were being replaced with residential housing and industrial parks and the Santa Clara Valley would become known as the "Silicon Valley". Fred followed the technology path and spent the next 23 years in the electronics industry. As the new millennium approached Fred began spending time reflecting on his past years. When the opportunity arose to purchase this piece of land rich with agricultural history in the famed Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation, it was an easy decision and Fred said goodbye to the fast paced corporate world in pursuit of a simpler life.

"My goal for Black Ridge Vineyards has been to plant grape varieties best acclimated to growing in this region allowing us to produce not only the finest estate-grown varietal wines but also supply the essential elements to construct the best blends possible. After 7 years of preparation, planting and cultivating, we are ready to introduce our wines to you that are not only a reflectance of the great vineyard site but a token of the history and evolution that the land has endured over time....Enjoy!"

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