Our Owners

  • James F. Landes

    Jim Partner

    Jim Landes' story began far from the famous wine regions of California. Having been born and raised on a farm in the Midwest, each day after school and in the summers, Jim worked in the fields tending the crops and watching over the family's livestock. He would have likely stayed on the farm but, for economic reasons, Jim left and pursued other opportunities.

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  • Fred Faltersack

    Partner Partner

    As a young boy born and raised in the agriculturally rich Santa Clara Valley of Northern California, Fred spent many summers working to earn a few dollars picking apricots, prunes, and walnuts. Fred's family home was situated in the east foothills of San Jose amongst the orchards and during the school year, Fred's walk to school would take him on a short cut through the Mirassou Vineyards.

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