About Us

Black Ridge Vineyards is a small production vineyard created by friends, Jim and Cheryl Landes and Fred Faltersack, in 1999. They inspected the property and researched its history, and quickly decided to bring the land back to its roots (literally) and plant grapes. Then and now, every decision made centers around one question: what will make better wines. This directs where and what we choose to plant, barrel selection, what is bottled, what is sold… Our unrelenting focus on making the best possible wines is what distinguishes Black Ridge Vineyards.


Our team consists of our Partners, Jim Landes and Fred Faltersack, along with Sarah Hart as Director of Sales & Operations, Bill Brosseau as Winemaker and Vineyard Manager, and Armando Martinez Perez as Vineyard Foreman. Our personal philosophies and talents complement one another to create a perfectly diverse team, and allow us to produce a wine that’s just as complex as our individual views and backgrounds.


Black Ridge wines reflect the tremendous enthusiasm and effort by all of our team. We hope you enjoy BRV wines as much as we enjoy getting them into your glass!

Our Team


Jim Landes


Fred Faltersack


Bill Brosseau

Winemaker & Vineyard Manager

Sarah Hart

Director of Sales & Operations