Black Ridge Vineyards is on 80 pristine acres, overlooking the majestic slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains only three miles outside of downtown Los Gatos. The estate’s elevation and geographic orientation is ideal for protection from the harsh coastal winds and lingering fog to receive a full day of sun. The vineyard microclimate also benefits from the Lexington Reservoir half a mile below.


These perfect growing conditions are instrumental in producing high-quality, highly approachable wines. When we started Black Ridge Vineyards we intentionally planted vines in excess of our production needs. We did this to ensure a sufficient varietal mix to meet our blending requirements without ever having to purchase grapes offsite. We plan on remaining small since we value using 100% estate grown fruit.


Our vineyard manager and winemaker, Bill Brosseau, brings his remarkable passion and expertise into all aspects of winemaking. He believes in a minimalist approach, utilizing organic methods to showcase each wine’s inherent identity. Our intention is always to let is the inherent, discernible attributes of our vineyard be reflected in each of our wines, showcasing the unique history of our land. The outcome our rich, floral whites and our decadent reds.


We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we enjoy the entire process of getting our grapes into your glass.




The land of Black Ridge Vineyards was planted with grapes as early as the mid-nineteenth century during the California wine boom. Replanted with prune trees during Prohibition, and later converted into a Christmas tree farm, Black Ridge Vineyard partners Jim Landes and Fred Faltersack returned the land to its roots by re-planting grapes shortly after they purchased the property in 1999. From vineyard, to orchard, to Christmas tree farm, back to vineyard, the property has come full circle and – literally – back to its roots.


The land is not only the ideal vineyard location, but is also where Jim Landes and his family call home. The family’s passion for producing the best wines and their true love of the property is evident in every sweet detail that adds to the beauty of the estate.

Growing grapes is a responsible job, like any work on the production of drinks or medicines, you can read about medicines here.